“Making my brand stronger and truly unique...
Optimizing my brand/product consistency.”

My company

Sequoia expertises
for My company

Product Design

My next attractive products

Standard Design



  • TO STAND OUT from the competition.
  • TO INCREASE product attractiveness.
  • TO GUARANTEE RELIABLE product industrialisation.
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“I need products I can sell better...

I want more up-to-date product appeal.

My next impacting products

Product Identity



  • TO STRENGTHEN brand power of seduction.
  • TO REINFORCE brand and product identity.
  • TO INCREASE brand recognition of our products.
  • TO GUARANTEE RELIABLE product industrialisation.
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“I want to rejuvenate our brand.

I need to go upmarket and increase my margins...

My next innovative products




  • TO STAND OUT BETTER from the competition.
  • TO INTRODUCE more innovative products on the marketplace.
  • TO INNOVATE in order to conquer new markets.
  • TO SELL more functional and ergonomic products for customer use.
  • TO FACILITATE product industrialisation.
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“I need to reinvent my products to stand out better...

I want to innovate usefully to reach my customers better.”

My products in the future




  • TO IMAGINE the future of today's markets.
  • TO EXPLORE the consumer trends of tomorrow.
  • TO ANTICIPATE product innovation.
  • TO DESIGN the future of current products.
  • TO DEVELOP and promote leadership.
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“I need to prepare myself to face future developments of my competitors.

I must anticipate changes and design the future of my brand.

Consulting Design

My business idea

Start Up



  • TO VERIFY current opportunities on the target market.
  • TO DEFINE target markets and identify principal competitors.
  • TO SEDUCE investors with strong business and development strategy.
  • TO DRAFT project requirements that bring relevance and meaning to the original idea.
  • TO UNDERSTAND consumer characteristics and needs, and anticipate consumer behaviour towards the future product.
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“I have an idea of a product and want to transform it into a viable project.

However, I need help because I am not a manufacturer.”

My market

Think Tank Design



  • TO EXPLORE new markets.
  • TO CREATE new market opportunities.
  • TO STRENGTHEN market positioning.
  • TO DETERMINE the right products to design and know why.
  • TO IMPROVE design development strategy.
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“I want to increase our overall efficiency.

I need to be more creative in order to deal with current issues in all areas of my business.”

My specific project or service

Creativity Workshop



  • TO BENEFIT from external expertise.
  • TO GENERATE new ideas.
  • TO BOOST creativity.
  • TO ENRICH creative exploration.
  • TO SAVE time during the conceptual design phases.
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“I need to boost my designers and make them more creative.

I want to generate my product concepts more efficiently.

My brand/product identity

DNA Design Identity



  • TO GIVE your brand a unique and authentic personality.
  • TO ACHIEVE brand consistency and brand/product synergy.
  • TO INCREASE product/brand image impact.
  • TO DEVELOP brand attractiveness and likeability amongst consumers.
  • TO CREATE an operational benchmark for future brand/product research and development.
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“I need to make my brand stronger and truly unique.

I want to optimise my brand/product fit ...”

Coaching Design

My design management

Company Design Diagnosis



  • TO ANALYSE the level of integration and use of design across the organisation.
  • TO IDENTIFY areas of improvement for a better use of design and increase in profitability.
  • TO DEFINE an action plan to improve the use of design and its deployment.
  • TO ASSESS internal design methodology and processes.
  • TO EVALUATE innovation strategy coherence and fit.
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“I use design but I want to make it more profitable.

I need to develop in-house design culture and performance.”

My design department

Design Coaching



  • TO IMPROVE the performance of our design department.
  • TO OPTIMISE our design management.
  • TO INCREASE the profitability of our design department.
  • TO DEVELOP the creative process of our design department.
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“I need a more productive design department...

I want it to operate efficiently to meet company targets.”

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